11.03 — 11.03.2021

Community event x hello creator

Check out the w(a)onderful project about circular economy. You will expect several talks about the project: Gerbert Smits10XL, Rotterdam, Birgitt Deckers Studio Planeet and Sara Gilissen, project coordinator of Wanderful.stream.

4:10 pm – Talk plus Q&A with Gerbert Smits – 10XL, Rotterdam

He will talk about their circular approach within the field of large scale 3D printing and the re-use of plastic or/and bio based materials. The 3D printing technology that 10XL uses is based on thermoplastics. 10XL uses both synthetic polymers as well as bio-based materials for printing. To improve the properties of the base polymer, we add fillers or additives. Glass, carbon, bamboo or stone fillers are used to strengthen the parts. Additives improve UV and chemical resistance, or function as heat stabilizers, antimicrobials and flame retardants. They 3D print a 6 meter boat from shampoo bottles or the first fully circular printed bridge from Plastic waste.

10XL has developed and built a proprietary hybrid production environment with large industrial robots. . They use this environment to deliver parts to clients, the delivered parts include prototypes, moulds and functional products. Since most products need adaptions to benefit from 3D printing they also offer the best 3D consultancy and engineering services.

4:20 pm – Talk and Q&A with Birgitt Deckers – Studio Planeet

As an industrial designer Birgitt Deckers with her Studio Planeet goes in search of solutions. That challenges her to creativity and innovation, just what a designer needs. And she wants to share that knowledge and find solutions for a sustainable world. She participated in the Flamish bootcamp which was organized in the Wanderful.stream project as a leading designer. Birgit is designer and business developer with a special interest in ecodesign and circular economy.

4:40 pm – Talk and Q&A with Sara Gilissen, project coordinator Wanderful.stream.

About Wanderful Stream

Sara is project manager for the Wanderful.stream project. This EU project maps out the residual streams of SMEs in the Euregion and wants to valorize them with the help of designers, technologists and business developers. Wanderful.stream is interdisciplinary and as an Interreg project in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, it drives small and medium-sized enterprises towards a more circular economy. It crosses the borders between disciplines and regions and initiates new collaborations.

Sara will present the project and gives an insight in the work and possibilities of this project for designers and SME’s.

5:00 pm – Short break and Impressions of Continuum Museum

Mady by Marc Lorra (Camera) and Peter Müschen (Postproduction) from hello creator e.V.

5:10 pm – Interview with Gène Bertrand and Sara Gilissen

How to participate as a SME and Designer

5:30 pm end of the event