Full circular design, business and technology

  • Wanderful.Stream maps waste streams of SMEs in the Euregio and wants to valorise them with the help of designers, technologists and business developers.
  • Wanderful.stream is interdisciplinary and Euregional. As an Interreg project in the Meuse-Rhine Region, it is driving small and medium-sized enterprises towards a more circular economy. It crosses the boundaries between disciplines and the regions and initiates new collaborations.
  • The name ‘stream’ does not only refer to residual flows. It also refers to important spearheads in education. The international acronym S T E M refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and adds an extra discipline with Arts. It is this S T E A M that is comring the search for new products and business models.
  • Wanderful.stream is a catalyst for new circular models and products. It is driven by eight partner organisations active in Belgian and Dutch Limburg, Wallonia to the German region of Aachen.


  • Wanderful.Stream aims to coach and guide small and medium-sized enterprises free of charge in the transition to a more circular economy.
  • It wants to highlight the added value of interdisciplinary cooperation across the borders of the Euregio and of different business sectors.
  • Wanderful.stream aims to make interdisciplinary cross-pollination around the residual flows tangible by developing 40 prototypes of innovative products.


  • Mapping challenges, needs and opportunities for the circular economy in the Meuse-Rhine Region. Literally and figuratively through online tools, but equally good community events.
  • Making waste streams or materials visible to better match supply and demand. Do you, or your company, have (an interest in) a certain waste stream? Let us know now, because it may become a raw material for new products or spark dust for new ideas.
  • Waste streams or materials valorize together with technologists, designers and business developers. This creates new ideas, opportunities and applications.
  • Organizing networking and community events around different themes, topics or disciplines. From inspiration to co-creative bootcamps and workshops. Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar.


  • The Interreg project started in September 2020 and runs until early 2023. In this, two cycles are similar: from the extensive analyses, via challenges and bootcamps, the innovation tracks lead to prototypes.

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At Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine, we fund projects where partners work together across borders.
In 2014-2020, we invest EUR 96 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in our region. Our investment priorities are innovation, economy, education & inclusive society and cross-border cooperation. We are a collaboration between 13 regions from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Together, they invest in shared solutions for common challenges. This gives Interreg its own, distinct spirit of cooperation: across regions and across borders. In 2020, Interreg celebrated its 30-years anniversary.

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