18.01 — 18.01.2023

From Waste 2 Profit

Materials are becoming scarcer, we are reaching our ecological limits and raw material prices continue to rise significantly. Reduce your impact on the environment by working on optimising your resource use. Meet From Waste 2 Profit and its latest matchmaking tool on Wednesday 18 January 2023.

Preserving and saving money: that’s what it’s all about. Together with numerous partners, we are launching a ‘matchmaking platform’. This platform provides a community around waste management with valuable connections to technology institutes and enterprises. In short, a “second-hand” page for the exchange of waste streams.

In addition, be inspired by punishing cases from: Recupwood, White Light and Studio D. These three entrepreneurs offer you insights around sustainability and optimising waste streams. Because doing more with fewer materials is what it’s all about.



Uses residual wood streams to make valuable wood products.

White Light

“We express brands”. White Light is a specialist printing company. They print in all kinds of formats, on all kinds of materials. Furthermore, they develop and produce the complete designs of various interiors.

Studio D

Studio D is an expert in sustainability policy and advice, with experience in projects around circularity.