17.06 — 17.06.2021

Masterclass Wood

Inspirational webinar on circular models in wood business, design and technology. Hosted by Wanderful.stream, introduced by Sara Gilissen.

We start with a State of the art: on circular wood industry in the Euregion, followed by interesting speakers on technology, design or business models. Get inspired by, among others, Lasse Six, Corporate Sustainability Expert at Unilin, producer of laminate flooring and engineered parquet (Quick-Step), boards, decorative panels, finished products, roof elements and insulation boards. Thanks to continuous innovation, investments in design, research and development and the latest technologies, the divisions of UNILIN have become top players in the market.

Xylofiel Rik Ruigrok also calls himself the Woodwisperer for Herso circular woodworkers. Herso stands for endless (re)use. For unique products with a low footprint. From the idea that wood can never be waste, they make circular floors, furniture and interiors.

Afterwards there is room for a Q&A.

The event takes place in English.