29.04 — 29.04.2021

Masterclass Textile

Inspirational webinar on circular models in textile business, design and technology. Hosted by Wanderful.stream, introduced by Sara Gilissen.

Tom Janssen (Business Developer Sustainable Resources UCLL) starts with a State of the Art on circular textiles in the Euregion. Then three speakers will share their insights in the field of technology, design and business models.

  • Glaukos – Bio based fibres for textile and fishing gear – Tanja Meyer Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Gent) together with B4plastics and Universiteit Maastricht, ….https://www.bbi.europa.eu/projects/glaukos
  • Filip Lietaer – Belconfect
    • Revitex®: At the request of the customer, its discarded work and safety clothing is collected by Vanheede Environment Group and processed into pellets. These are used in the cement industry to replace fossil fuels. Revitex® focuses mainly on high-tech blending yarns that cannot (yet) be recycled.
    • Retex®: This is a Euregional partnership (France-Wallonia-Flanders) that aims to reduce textile waste and stimulate innovation One of our stakeholders, fabric manufacturer Utexbel from Ronse, is working with Retex on the closed-loop recycling of discarded work clothing.
  • Eva Engelen – HNST is a Belgian label that makes 100 percent sustainable jeans. Eva Engelen is Sustainability & Product Manager.
  • Marc Meijers – DenimX® Discarded jeans fabric is reprocessed into a 100% bio-based composite material to make high-quality products such as furniture, lighting and acoustic panels.