12.10 — 12.10.2021

Masterclass Packaging

This online masterclass focusses on packaging. How can packaging be made more sustainable? How can we use waste streams to create new packaging materials and how can existing packaging be re-used? Four inspirational speakers from all over Europe will give you answers. And of course there is room for discussion and questions. The masterclass is moderated by Rob Vermeulen. Participation is free after registration.

The program from 14h00 until 16h30

  • Welcome and short introduction – Rob Vermeulen
  • Decorating waste or turning trash into treasure? Designers view on circular packaging – Uwe Melichar (Hamburg) – European Brand & Packaging Design Association
  • Re-used packaging materials – Maria Holopainen (Helsinki) – Stora Enso
  • The consumer role – Sven van Eester (Weert) – Moonen Packaging
  • From waste to value, creativity and light installations – Rob Vermeulen
  • Discussion: what can we learn from what we have heard?
  • Review: some best practices to inspire us


Before the masterclass starts you will receive a Zoom link to attend the session.