Masterclass Food

14.06.2022 – online – 16u00 – 17u30*

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Inspirational webinar on circular models in food business, design and technology. Hosted by, introduced by Sara Gilissen.

Femke Sterckx (UCLL Research & Expertise) starts with a State of the art on Circular Economy in the food sector. Afterwards, four speakers will share their insights into technology, design and business models.

Olivier Vanderlinden links craftsmanship to innovation at Stokerij Vanderlinden. He saw the number of distilleries in decline and decided to change this himself by starting his own alcohol distillery from an old cowshed behind his parental home. A tradition from the 18th century, but with a brand new installation and local ingredients, all in keeping with the philosophy of the circular economy.

Michiel Van Meervenneis the driving force behind Kriket, a Brussels-based start-up that markets cricket bars and invests in a circular model. What started out as a home and kitchen recipe has since grown into a trendy product in three flavours, available from some 40 dealers. All ingredients are of organic origin and the crickets are bred in a Brussels ‘Cricket Farm’.

Kris Heirbaut from Heirbaut aLgriculture develops a unique and idiosyncratic view of agriculture and strives for a profitable farm with the least possible environmental impact. After all, farming today is more than just producing food, and it is expected to contribute to climate mitigation or the reduction of greenhouse gases. Circular agriculture or circular farming is all about the principle that all biomass is used optimally. Some of their efforts: green energy from manure, cultivating algae on CO2 from this process and developing foodstuffs based on this algae, carbon farming, feeding only on home-grown roughage and much more.

Jasper Bloemen – founder of Valorising side streams and maximising business and social value, that is what excels in. This autumn, they will be giving a 4-day Master Class from sideline to income stream in which you too can participate. You will learn hands-on how to translate your ambitions for your side streams into market research and action. Jasper will explain, among other things, how to efficiently develop a circular business case, involve potential customers and take small steps forward time and again.