Ben Hagenaars

Meet the expert: Ben Hagenaars, Design researcher and lecturer @LUCA School Of Arts, product design and founder of both Circle Sector and Custom Territory.

Ben Hagenaars (°1985)
Function: Design researcher and lecturer at LUCA School Of Arts, product design course
Place of residence: Deurne, Belgium
Children: I have a 21-month-old daughter Lou.

Favourite place in the Euregio:
“C-mine in Genk. The starting point of my education and currently also the place where I can fully exercise my role as a designer and researcher.”

What is your favorite (design) design, product (in your life/work/interior)?

“My Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner, first product I bought when I moved back in alone. In the meantime, I’ve done a few upgrades and it’s working better than ever.

I dream of this design product or item and hope to have it someday:

Custom Territory prototype.

My own Custom Territory shoe. Because I myself am part of this project and hope to be able to bring it ‘in limited’ production one day.

I find this inspiring
design story/

Space 10
It is a kind of Living Lab from Ikea, the well-known Swedish furniture chain.

I am convinced that living labs that ask the right questions about societal challenges are the key to innovative solutions for the future.”

This is an inspiring book that everyone should have read:

The politics of design
Victor Papanek

Victor Papanek was one of the first designers to pursue social and environmental ambitions in his design process. At a time (1960s) when designers were mainly pursuing commercial ambitions, Papanek emphasized themes such as sustainability and equality.

These are the movies, tv shows, websites/links, podcasts that I myself loved
and i wish someone had tipped me off much earlier:

The Power of Ten
by Charles & Ray Eames

This film was made in 1977 by the famous American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames for IBM.

It’s a 9-minute film in which they zoom out the image of a picnicking couple in Chicago 10 times in 10-second increments. To the edge of the visible universe.
Then the film quickly returns to the original image and then zooms in 10 times to the level of an atom.


These are must follows online (instagram/linkedin/blogs/websites)

Alice Rawsthorns/Instagram

This renowned British design critic knows how to turn every post into an inspiring story. In it she always reveals the history as the future of design.

This is an inspiring quote or beautiful life motto:

I like these
by Joachim Declerck / Installation by Thomas Lommee

I wish the world

“Tangible results,
because they inspire
the most.”