Jessica Capra

Meet the expert: Jessica Capra, head of The Artist and the Others, teaming up with for a open call for innovative ideas about Sustainable Economy.

Jessica Capra
Function: Head of The Artist and the Others
Place of residence: Munich, Germany
Children: 2

Favourite place in the Euregio:
“I love to get a coffee at Koffie in Maastricht and then enjoy it in the sun, while sitting on the old city wall. But also the inner garden of the Jan van Eyck Academie.
Or the beautiful artists studio of RAVI residence in Liege. The historical old town in Aachen.”

What is your favorite (design) design, product (in your life/work/interior)?

“An imitation of a Calder mobile, because it’s just beautiful to look at it and it’s flowing and changing shape by reacting to the air.”

I dream of this design product or item and hope to have it someday:

“A real Calder mobile 🙂 or also an Anne Büscher one.” 

Anne Büscher 

I find this inspiring
design story/

an emerging brand of clothes and accessories. They produce high-quality products, made with recycled textile fibers and made in Italy.”

This is an inspiring book that everyone should have read:

At the moment I am reading How to be heard, by Julian Treasure. 

These are the movies, tv shows, websites/links, podcasts that I myself loved
and i wish someone had tipped me off much earlier:

As podcast 99% Invisible, The art angle are very inspiring show with diverse speakers and topic all the time! 

ExtraOrdinaryWomen is also of  great inspiration. 


These are must follows online (instagram/linkedin/blogs/websites)

Anne Büscher,  
her work operates on the cutting edge of research, material, craft, and form.

Manon Steyaert
a painter of French origin, currently living and working in London; a graduate of Central St Martins (UAL), she has recently completed MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. 

Center for textile design, art and culture with an open lab for textile production, experimentation and research — based in Prato, Italy.

Manon Steyaert
Jessica Capra

This is an inspiring quote or beautiful life motto:

“Let the wind blow,
don’t be afraid of sounds of the leaves”

P. Pio

“I will listen to you, especially if we disagree”

Barack Obama 

I wish the world

 “to find wonderful ideas to heal the world we live in and scale them up!”