Patricia Geelen

Meet the expert: Patricia Geelen, Project Manager at Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs – CHILL.

Patricia Geelen (°1978)
Function: Project Manager – CHILL
Place of residence: Buchten, Netherlands
Children: I have three boys: Sajo (10), Bryne (6) and Amadou (1,5).

Favourite place in the Euregio:
“Vaals, three-country point. A beautiful environment with a unique hub of the three countries: Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.”

What is your favorite (design) design, product (in your life/work/interior)?

“The Koenigsegg Phone Felix Ferro edition.

And I mean both the car and the phone. The ultimate combination of beautiful cars and technology.”

I dream of this design product or item and hope to have it someday:

“A pair of Christian Louboutin pumps.

I probably won’t be able to walk on it for long but they are so beautiful…”

I find this inspiring
design story/

Because Elon Musk dares to push the boundaries of what the standard is.

And moreover, he knows how to combine ideology in terms of improving the world and technology.”

This is an inspiring book that everyone should have read:

400 letters from my mother
Joseph Oubelkas

Moving and true story of a man who went on a business trip to Morocco at the age of 24 and is sentenced there without any evidence or investigation to 10 years in prison for something he did not do.

These are the movies, tv shows, websites/links, podcasts that I myself loved
and i wish someone had tipped me off much earlier:

I especially like action series genre 24, Homeland, Spartacus.

Just switch off for a second and go all the way into story.


These are must follows online (instagram/linkedin/blogs/websites)

Gary Vaynerchuk

A real no bullshit CEO.

The World Economic Forum also offers a lot of inspiration in the field of circular economy.

This is an inspiring quote or beautiful life motto:

“”We are fools whether we dance
or not,
so we might
as well dance”

Japanese proverb

For me, dancing is a form of expressing passion and an outlet for a lot of emotions. Life is serious enough!

I wish the world

I wish we could one day live in a world where no one is hungry

By better dealing with waste flows and the more efficient use of raw materials – and teaching them – everyone can contribute to this.