Sara Boxus

Meet the expert: Sara Boxus, project manager at Wallonie Design and Design account manager

Sara Boxus (°1981)
Function: Project Manager at Wallonie Design 
Place of residency: Liège (BE)
Children: Basile (9), Félicie (5)

Favourite place in the Euregio:
“No place in particular. This region offers so many different possibilities: strolling through cities like Genk, Maastricht or Liège, taking a change of scenery in beautiful natural sites such as the Ninglinspo or discovering inspiring places such as Labiomista.”

What is your favorite (design) design, product (in your life/work/interior)?

“I really like the 606 Universal Shelving System designed by Dieter Rams as it is timeless and evolves with the user’s needs and tastes. I have a soft spot for objects and products that « grow old » with their owners.”

“Dieter Rams wrote the Ten Principles of Good Design that became the essence of the Vitsoe Company.”

I dream of this design product or item and hope to have it someday:

“Well I actually would love to own a Dieter Rams Universal Shelving System.” 🙂 

Mogu Fields
Inspired by the patches of cultivated land as seen from above, Mogu Fields features an irregular hexagon shape. Its soft, velvety surface is marked by delicate stripes, recalling the pattern of the seeding tracks. A calm texture, evoking the long-lasting collaboration between Humans and Nature.

I find this inspiring
design story/

“Stories about designers working with biofabricated materials, (materials based on living cells that were cultivated for the production of consumer products) for companies such as the mycelium-based acoustic panels of Mogù, the collagen-based leather of Modern Meadow or the bacteria-based dyes of the Vienna Textile Lab. “

“The role of the designers in these stories is to bring an innovative use of these biomaterials (= living materials) to transform them into real, functional and consumer-accepted products.”


“Another inspiring story was to see how the designer community responded to help workers in the health sector during the peak of the covid-19 crisis. In a matter of days or weeks, they used creativity and prototyping to create small-scale local production of the necessary medical items to meet an urgent demand, giving the necessary time for the industrial actors to adapt and start larger-scale production.” 

This is an inspiring book that everyone should have read:

“These are the two classic design books that I should read (but do not make the time for it) : 
The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

On my nightstand at this moment: We are the Weather: Saving the Planet begins at breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer 

Change by Design
by Tim Brown.

These are the movies, tv shows, websites/links, podcasts that I myself loved
and i wish someone had tipped me off much earlier:

Ethics for Design
a movie where 12 designers and researchers discuss the impact, sometimes harmful, of design on our societies and the paths to follow for designers to work for the good of all and not just a few.

Yale Environnement 360, an online magazine offering opinion, analysis, reporting, and debate on global environmental issues and published by the Yale School of Environnement.” 

These are must follows online (instagram/linkedin/blogs/websites)

David Hakkens’Instagram: a Dutch-designer that started the Precious Plastic initiative that is growing exponentially every year.”

” The Index Project, (formerly INDEX: Design to Improve Life), promotes designs aimed at the improvement of life worldwide. The website is full of sustainable and inclusive solutions for a sustainable future.” 

Grow Forage Cook Ferment: a blog and Instagram account about resilience that offers recipes, tutorials and guides on foraging, fermenting and preserving, cooking whole foods from scratch, regenerative gardening and making herbal remedies.” 

This is an inspiring quote or beautiful life motto:

I am pretty lousy at remembering those!”

I wish the world

“No wishes but working on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I hope the project will contribute to that.”